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Noë den Boon


Hi, my name is Noë den Boon, I am 20 years old and Im currently in my third year of 'the bachelor International Business Administration. Besides my studies I am currently active at T.S.C. St. Olof at sorority S.O.S. Besides doing a study at the university I believe that an active off-campus life is as equal or even more important than your on-campus life. Most people do not realize the importance of developing a professional career and a social network. A hand in hand balance between studying and developing your future is what I want to promote via extracurricular activities. Besides promoting extracurricular activities I want to make your student life easier by focusing on a hybrid education system. With a hybrid education system I mean the introduction of a digital student card or the expansion of the importance of the career portal platform. This way, your life as a student and your development of your future will be made much easier. With this great team of Front we will ensure an improvement on these matters. Do you agree with Front’s thinking and do you want to be more active as a student. Vote Front on the 11th, 12th and 13th of April!

+316 27001862

Noë den Boon
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