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University Council 2 June 2022

Jaarverslag 2021 - For discussion (UR2691)

In the annual report, the Executive Board looks back on the past year in the context of a number of topics, including education, research, quality agreements, the campus and community, sustainability and partnerships. The mission of Tilburg University is as follows: We strive to advance society by deepening our understanding of that society. We educate our students with the goal of developing the knowledge, skills and character they need to meet today's challenges. Connected as we are to society, we dedicate excellent research to "a good life" for all. This year the University also formed a new strategy for the next five years. This strategy is in line with the ambitions in the annual report.

Analyse Decentrale Jaarrekening - For discussion (UR 2694)

The university’s Schools and Divisions have prepared their annual financial statements. The combined financial effect (income and expenses) is presented as well as an analysis per School / Division. It is discussed through six topics:
1. Impact Covid-19
2. Operating result: forecast and realization
3. Operating result Management units
4. Strategic Resources Spending 2018-2021
5. General reserves management units
6. Housing reserves

FIRMa 2023-2027 Voorlopernotitie I & II - For consent (UR 2695)

Linked to the FIRMa, the University Council was already asked to give consent on two budget requests:
  • The university requested money in the FIRMa to increase their resilience against cybersecurity.

  • The university requested money to optimize the Software for digital testing. In the upcoming years they want more students to make use of digital testing. This means that in the future there will be less tests on paper and more on a computer on campus. The University Council gave on both requests a unanimous consent.

FIRMa 2023-2027 - For advice (UR 2696)

The present FIRMa contains the most recent financial estimates for Tilburg University for the coming years. It forms the basis for budget 2023 to be drawn up by the Schools and University Services in the coming months.
Some key points from the FIRMa:
  • The van Rijn rebate will be reversed, making an amount of 2.2 million available. The proposal is to use these funds to improve the student-staff ratio.

  • TiU's relative share of enrolled students nationwide is 5.9%.

The University Council gave a unanimous positive advice.

Evaluation Dual Career policy - For discussion (UR 2697)

Dual career is a program at Tilburg University that makes it possible for students with top athletes' status (hockey, gymnastics and rowing), sport coaches, sports officials, entrepreneurs, e-sporters, and artists to earn their degree without too much delay. To be eligible for these facilities, a talent status is required. The program offers extra study guidance, possible flexibility in education and possibly financial compensation for, among other things, study delay incurred due to the dual career. The program has been positively evaluated and they are looking into maintaining the program. The Executive Board has decided that rowing will maintain a core sport, but that field hockey will not be a core sport anymore.

Update hybrid working- For information (UR 2698)

During the University Council, the Executive Board gave an update on hybrid working. The hybrid working program consists of several projects. These include home working facilities, hybrid meetings and communication around the aspect. Last summer, principles were established for hybrid working, toolkits were also put out at that time. It has been delayed by corona, but there is now a real go-ahead in hybrid working. A regulation on hybrid working has been established, which also looks at which group qualifies, what the agreements are and what facilities are available.

Reaction Initiative Mental Health Check - For discussion (UR 2699)

SAM proposed a mental health check for students. The Executive Board endorses the importance of reducing stigmas concerning mental health issues and creating more awareness. The mental health check will not be implemented, instead the Board will organize a meeting with both party SAM and wellbeing experts on how these common goals might be reached.

Reaction Front Initiative Trainings for Student Confidential Advisors - For discussion (UR 2700)

Front initiated trainings for student confidentials at associations. The Executive Board was very enthusiastic about the initiative and is planning to organize these trainings in autumn. Furthermore, a point of contact has been appointed for those confidential contact persons
who are already in position and require support. Next to that, a guideline document is being written to help associations in their decisions regarding the appointment of confidential contact persons.

Any other business

Front raised its concerns about the student psychologists, because the waiting lists for the psychologists are too long. Besides that, Front handed in an initiative for student board members to become part of the flexible studying program. This way, doing a board year is more financially manageable.

SAM raised their concerns about current drug use and needle spiking among students. They also shared a proposal for continuation and broadening of peer-to-peer support groups.
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