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University Council December 15th 2017

Headlines budget 2018 After a long meeting about the ‘studievoorschotmiddelen’, we gave a positive advice to the headlines of the budget 2018. The procedure will be evaluated in February 2018, so the process will be better next year. We plead to discuss the budget next year in November, so we have more time to discuss.

Concept-budget 2018-2022 Regarding the concept-budget 2018-2022, in general it looked good. Front stated the bottleneck of the staff / student ratio. According to our calculations, the staff increases by 10% and the number of students by 30% during the period 2018-2022. This issue will be briefly discussed in the CFI meeting in February where it will be discussed together with the implementation plan of the strategy.

Strategic Plan 2018-2021 After it had been removed from the agenda of previous University Council, there have been good conversations with the board concerning the Strategic Plan. With the input of the parties, certain points have been adjusted and added. All parties were positive on the new Plan. TiU Internationals made a remark about the term Strategic Plan, it should be named the Strategy. The board decided to use this term from now on.

Occupational health, safety and environment plan 2018 In the occupational health, safety and environment plan 2018, the priorities for students and employees on these topics are explained. Front asked about the prevention of absence due to illness for students because it was not mentioned in the plan. The board stated that they have been working on this and agreed to mentioning it in the plan so it is also recognized as a priority for the University.

Housing E-sports After the discussions in the CFI meeting, the council was unanimously positive  about the gameroom for e-sports association Link. This will be the first gameroom on a campus in Europe. The board introduced Link to the responsible person of this gameroom so they can talk about the timespan in which this room can be opened.

Any other business In the any other business we asked the board to have a look at the policy for food during exams and at the possibility to deploy a text alert for students as a communication channel to quickly inform students, for example, about the cancelled lectures and exams due to the bad weather on monday. We also asked the board about the provision of Wifi for the boardroom P212. The board agreed to have a look at the mentioned points and had a positive attitude towards the idea of a text alert.

We also submitted two initiative proposals, one for more student-assistants and junior-teachers to decrease the workload of employees and the complexity around digitalization. The other proposal concerned sports facilities on campus and a swimming pool near our campus. We asked the board to take this initiative into account when the long term real estate plan will be presented in the University Council in February 2018.

At last, we addressed a very important topic for us: ‘collegegeldvrij besturen’. This means that students can do a full time board year without having to pay the tuition fee. This topic has been discussed in 2016 where the pilot ‘flexstuderen’ was mentioned as an alternative. In the end, board members turned out to have been taken out of this pilot. Front thinks it is important to open this discussion again which is why we took action. We talked to board members of previous years and yesterday we had a conversation with the president of the board. We mentioned the importance of collegegeldvrij besturen once again and we had a look at all the arguments once again. The board told us they will have another look at this topic and will take our arguments into account. We are very happy with the positive attitude of the board and hope this will have a positive result for the active student who, hopefully, can do a board year without having to pay the tuition fee in the future!

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