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Sam Slagboom


Hi! My name is Sam Slagboom, I’m 19 years old and I am currently in my second year of the bachelor Organization Studies. Besides my studies, I am currently active at the student association T.S.R. Vidar and sorority Papillon. During my student days, I learned that it is very important to be active besides your study, as it allows you to develop yourself professionally and socially that your curriculum often does not provide. The University should provide the best opportunities and environment to carry out these activities. Which is why I am striving for more promotion of extracurricular activities and possibilities to be active. Besides, there are a lot of study places that could be better utilized and more widely used, which is what I also contribute to next year.
With Front we’ve got a great team with 10 candidates and list pushers and I am proud to be one of them! Do you believe in Fronts way of thinking? Vote Front on the 11th, 12th or 13th of April!

+316 53580509

Sam Slagboom
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