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Tasso Devetzis


Hi! My name is Tasso Devetzis and I am a 20 years old. Currently I am in my second year of the bachelor International Business Administration. Besides my studies, I am an active member at the student association T.S.R. Vidar, and year club Liber et Fortis. Furthermore am I active within different organizations, namely TOP Week, Asset and TIME. With experience in different types of organizations with different possibilities of being active, I’ve learnt that it is very important to be able to develop yourself as best as possible and that being active can help with learning goals that a certain might not fully utilize. Therefore I want to strive for recognition of extracurricular activities by obtaining a certificate fitting the certain activities accomplished by the student. Also I want to strive for an increase in qualitative workspaces and improvement of hybrid studying. Lastly I want to strive for a reduction in tuition fees for students who are in a board year.
Do you want me to represent you in the University Council upcoming year? Then vote #7 Fractie Front on the 11th, 12th and 13th of April!

+316 47303386

Tasso Devetzis
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