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Front sent a letter to the House of Representatives

Bijgewerkt op: 6 okt. 2023

Following Minister Dijkgraaf’s letter to parliament regarding the reduction of the binding study advice to a maximum of 30 ECTS, we have sent a letter to the House of Representatives. We believe it is extremely important to consider student wellbeing. However, we see too many obstacles in lowering the BSA to 30 ECTS. Indeed, this will affect the quality of education and, in our view, encourage study delays and the associated financial consequences. We believe that educational institutions should review their current policy for exceptions regarding BSA with a view to student wellbeing, which Tilburg University already has. It is important to keep autonomy with the institutions themselves. We have indicated that we fear that Minister Dijkgraaf’s proposal rather functions as a short-term solution with major long-term consequences.

You can read the letter below!

Brief Studentenfractie Front Tilburg University
Download PDF • 109KB

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