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140 Extra Werkplekken Aangekondigd


In March, the Executive Board made an announcement during the meeting of Education & Research about the extra study places they are planning to place on campus, divided over various locations. After different remarks about the shortage of workplaces on campus from both of the Student Parties Front and SAM, the executive board has decided to take action. They are now planning on placing 143 extra student-workplaces on campus before the start of coming academic year. The document wherein the plan is described will be discussed coming University Council, the 27th of May. You can have a look at the pictures if you are curious about how the new workplaces will look. The planning is as following: 36 places in Warande building, 23 places in Goossens building, 52 places in Academia building and 32 places in the Cobbenhagen building. The refurbishment will take place this summer. Student Party Front is very positive about the initiative as there is currently a lack of study places on campus. A step in the right direction. We will keep you updated about further developments!


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