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Geen Horloges Meer Tijdens Tentamens

As of May 1st, students are no longer allowed to wear watches during exams. Like cell phones and other devices, watches will have to be stowed in a bag or a coat. It is very important to keep this in mind as an official report will be made by the proctor if a student is caught wearing a watch. The report will be submitted to the Examining Board and the exam will not be graded before the Examining Board had rendered a decision. The measure had been taken to prevent cheating using smartwatches. Since it is almost impossible to check whether a watch is a smartwatch or not, all watches will be banned. Student Party Front thinks that every room should have good functioning clocks when this regulation is implemented. In order to realize this, Front checked rooms randomly to check whether this rooms have good functioning clocks or not. Luckily enough, every checked room had good functioning clocks with exception of one clock which was still on winter time. This is already pointed out to Facility Services. Moreover, Tilburg University has stated that clocks will be present in all exam rooms to allow examinees to time themselves. When you find yourself in a room without a good functioning clock please report this! This can easily be done with the ‘Report a Defect’-function on your iStudent app. Another idea of Front regarding this topic is to project a clock on a screen or the wall when a beamer is present in the room. This idea will be held in mind by Tilburg University. [:]

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