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University Council 13 September 2021

Spending Plan NPO (Nationaal Programma Onderwijs) - For consent (UR 2625)

NPO Funds Covid-19

An extra University Council took place because the NPO Funds that couldn’t wait. The NPO funds are aimed at tackling covid-19 delays and improving student well-being. The aim is also to use lessons from the corona period for structural educational improvements. There are a few themes within the NPO spending plan; intake and transfer, welfare, Teacher Education and extra help in the classroom. We have based our questions and comments on the topics covered within these themes. If you have any questions about the NPO funds, don't hesitate to contact us!

Intake and Transfer

Within theme 1, intake and transfer, attention is particularly paid in the area of guidance of students. The focus is on catching up on individual backlogs and providing more opportunities for personal development and socialization. Attention is paid to prevent backlogs in the near future, especially since it is currently unclear how the COVID-19 pandemic will develop. This is the reason why the university wants to provide good support for the lecturers in the field of digitization of education. In that way students are offered more flexibility. Besides this, Tilburg University wants to focus on strengthening the relationship that (prospective) students have with the university and the city, by keeping
and making the campus a vibrant and challenging place where students and staff like to stay.

Theme 2 focuses on student welfare. Hereby the university focuses on the direct support of students who have experienced or are still experiencing problems in the area of wellbeing. This will be done through hiring more student counsellors and psychologists, expansion of the available training and focusing on a more integrated approach on student wellbeing. This will be done through more clear information facilities. Also, the capacity of the Student Desk will be expanded.

Teacher Training program
Theme 5 focuses on the internships within the teacher training programs of Tilburg University. These students have been limited in the number of internships they have been able to do, which means that they have received less feedback on their skills. Tilburg University strives to provide these students with extra feedback, extra internship visits and extra internship opportunities. This theme also explains the focus on digitalization in the courses of the teacher training programs so that future teachers are well prepared for the future.

All parties gave consent on the document.

Any Other Business

Front: Re-opening of the offices of student boards

Front has asked if it is possible to fully reopen the offices in Esplanade and Tias. Now that the corona measures have changed on campus for students, we proposed that it would be time for board members to work together in their offices again. However, the executive board is keen on following the restrictions set by the Dutch government. We will keep a close eye on this matter, so that hopefully we can all work together in our offices soon.

SAM: International housing problems

Sam has submitted a letter to the executive board about the housing problem for international students. Because of this problem, international students are not able to follow their courses here. Therefore, SAM asked whether it would be possible for international students to follow their courses online, so that they are able to finish their studies. The executive board has received the letter and will provide a response soon.

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