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University Council 6 April 2023

Any Other Business

Reaction to our initiative "Extension of Exchange procedure"

In this University Council the Executive Board responded to our initiative

regarding the extension of the exchange procedure. The Executive

Board responded very positively and shares Front's vision on how

important it is to include motivation and extracurricular activities in the

selection procedure. A working group will soon be created, considering

how this new selection procedure will take shape.

Reaction initiative proposal SAM: Board grants for non-EEA students

The Executive Board gave a response to the initiative proposal of SAM. Concerning the request of Parties SAM and ECCO to start a pilot for waiving tuition for non-EEA board members within the Participative decision-making bodies, the Executive Board suggests that this topic will be incorporated in a larger ongoing project and to respond to this particular proposal during the University Council in June or July. The Executive Board supports the initiative to set-up a sounding board to generate ideas on how to increase integration amongst students.

Yearly Report 2022 | (Feedback Quality Agreements)

This University Council discussed the Yearly Report. In the OOI part of the report we looked back on the past year and reflected on the quality agreements. 2022 was the third year of implementation of the quality agreements. In 2022, many new plans for the coming years were made in consultation with the participation council, reviewing what had been learned in the previous two years. For instance, there was a lot of focus on developing a multi-year programme around Blended Learning. In addition, developments regarding digitalisation and well-being were


The University Council gave unanimous positive advice.

Annual Report Occupational Health, Safety & Environment

To ensure good working conditions, Tilburg University aims at improving safety, health, and well-being at work. The present annual report provides a brief evaluation of the most important occupational health, safety, and environmental issues that were addressed at Tilburg University in 2022. There were different discussions about the working conditions especially for the employees of the university, think of workload, absenteeism rates and hybrid workplaces. Although the report was most important for employees, we asked several questions about topics that also concern the students, think of online education, well being and workload.

The University Council gave unanimous positive advice.

Thematic Privacy & Personal Data Protection Policy - Education and Student

The first version of this document Privacy & Personal Data Protection Policy - Education and Student (2018), was updated in January 2021 and because the university is increasing and professionalizing the use of education data, the version has to be updated. The privacy aspects of processing the education data needed to be reviewed and adjusted. There are three proposed changes concerning the data which is anonymized, pseudonymized and/or presented on an aggregate level and not traceable to individuals. Thereby, health related data can be used in exceptional cases, to be reviewed by the Privacy Officer and lastly, some sections will be combined. Because this is a technical issue, there will be another meeting specifically for this topic to discuss further on the technical and strategic aspects.

End of Year Management Report (MARAP)

The End of Year Management Report provides insight into the annual financial statements of the university’s Schools and Divisions. It also provides an insight into the progress of the implementation of Strategy 2027: 'Weaving minds and Characters'.Front has raised questions about the recruitment and outflow of staff and we have raised questions about the postponement of the elaboration note on student and staff welfare. This is an important issue at the moment and therefore we stated that it is not beneficial to delay it any longer.

The University Council gave unanimous positive advice.

Intention ITK Participation 3.0

On April 1, 2025, the TiU Institutional Audit 2.0 (ITK) will expire. The Executive Board needs to notify the NVAO before April 7th whether they intend to participate in the next round of the Institutional Audit 3.0, which will take place in fall 2024. The purpose of the Institutional Audit is to determine whether an institution has an

adequate system of quality assurance in place in the schools and programs based on its educational vision. If Tilburg University completes the Institutional Audit with a positive result, individual study programs only need to do a limited program assessment. The University Council consents to applying for the Institutional Audit in 2025 and to informing the NVAO of the intention.

The University Council gave unanimous positive advice.

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