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University Council April 13th 2018

Evaluation right of consent headlines budget (UR 2250) – CFI – Consent The evaluation of the document about the headlines of the budget, which was discussed in December was positive advised by parties in the University Council. The next time when this document will be discussed, the faculty councils will be informed and involved more than it was done this year. In addition, the parties requested to discuss the headlines of the budget earlier than December in order to create more space for any changes. Unfortunately, the board was could not promise this. They said that they will try to discuss it as soon as possible.

Evaluation topsports policy Student Party Front said they are happy with the evaluation of the topsports policy and including the talentstatus for for example coaches, gamers, artists and entrepreneurs. On top of that we pointed out that we would like to think along with the concrete completion of the talent status.

Budget JADS 2018 The budget of JADS did not contain enough information to give correct judgement. On top of that it would help if we had the business case of JADS to compare that with the budget. After a deliberation with the other parties we decided to give a unanimous negative advice because of the before mentioned arguments.

Initiative proposal Front: Outside Sports Facilities In the CFI meeting, it was already made clear that a swimming pool will be too expensive and that the Executive Board has other priorities. However, there will be looked into the outside sports facilities on top of building 3 of the Real Estate Strategy.

Initiative Proposal Front: student-assistants We hope that DEEP will solve the problems of digitization and we appreciate the positive attitude of the board about student-assistants. Furthermore we hope there will be a structural solution for our concerns about word pressure for teachers in the future, for example in the workload plan.

Staff-student ratio In the document about the student-staff ratio, faculties have provided figures about their ratios. The parties noticed that these figures are more positive than they actually are because the value of these figures is doubtful. A good example are the PHD’s of TLS who, according to the figures, should spend 50% of their time on education. However, these PHD’s themselves have said that the actual number is a lot lower.

Rondvraag In the any other business we handed in two initiative proposals about student wellbeing and about Extended Masters. Student wellbeing is a well known problem in the Netherlands and Front thinks it is important that the University pays more attention to this topic. Many students have burn-outs and international students often do not know where they can go when it comes to health care. We discussed this with teachers and deans and came up with several solutions for this problem.

We also handed in an initiative proposal regarding Extended Masters. Currently four master programs at Tilburg University offer students the possibility to participate in an Extended Master and thus develop several skills. Front strives for a large offer of Extended Masters, where in the ideal situation every master program offers an Extended Master. Front thinks it is especially important that every faculty gives students the opportunity to follow an Extended Master. Front would like to think about the possibilities of broadening the offer of Extended Masters in collaboration with the Executive Board.

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